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Ryano Traditional Bows

Welcome to our site! With over 20 years experience in bow building selfbows, wooden laminates, and now modern laminate bows, rest assured that our quality, design, performance, and attention to detail is second to none. All of our modern laminate models come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects and materials to the original owner. 

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Union City, Erie County PA 16438


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Our Background

How We Got Here

I started out making primitive self bows and wood laminates, and finally moved into modern material  laminates. I’ve been building and hunting with my bows for the last 25 years. Starting out with natural materials gave me a good feel for what designs work best, and taught me to have great attention to detail. I feel this is what makes our products a cut above the rest. 


Bow models available for custom order

Built to your specifications 


Orion hybrid 58-60”

Best seller

The Orion hybrid is a longbow/recurve hybrid. Some say it’s the best of both worlds. It has the stability and quietness of a longbow, with the speed and comfort of a recurve. These bows are great both on the range and in the woods. 

The Apollo recurve 

Great hunting bow!

The Apollo is a compact light weight 56” recurve. Due to it’s compact size it makes a great hunting bow, it’s easily maneuverable inside of a blind or in a tree stand or tree saddle. 


The 52” Orion hybrid 

Customer favorite!

This bow is quickly becoming a customer favorite! The 52” Orion hybrid breaks all the rules and conceived notions about short bows. This is the ultimate short bow for hunting and target shooting. It draws smooth with absolutely no stacking out to 30” and no finger pinch, and at 8 gpp arrow weight is capable of breaking the 200 fps barrier! It is smoking fast, stable, and forgiving, all qualities not normally found in such a small package!  

The Kimball Hill longbow 

Customer Favorite

This is a straight slightly reflexed Howard Hill style longbow available 66-68” available with a straight or dished grip or a slight locator grip as pictured.


The Zelus longbow 

New Addition

The Zelus longbow was designed with the Competition shooter in mind. With a larger 22” riser and longer more subtle reflexed limbs, the Zelus is super stable, points well and easy to shoot. It’s also great for people with longer draw lengths. Available in 66-68” 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our selection of products.

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